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Sapo excavador mexicano

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Sapo excavador mexicano
Rhinophrynus dorsalis is a species of anuran amphibian distinguished by its unique appearance and limited geographic distribution.

This species primarily inhabits the tropical and subtropical regions of Central America, specifically in areas including Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. Its distribution is relatively limited compared to many other amphibian species.

Regarding its appearance, Rhinophrynus dorsalis has a robust and compact body, with rough and wrinkled skin that gives it an unmistakable appearance. Its color varies from brown to gray, and often has dark spots on its back. The most prominent feature of this species is its tube-shaped nose or nasal protuberance, which is believed to play a role in regulating fluid balance and detecting vibrations in its environment.

In terms of behavior, these toads are mainly nocturnal and terrestrial, hiding under rocks and leaves during the day to avoid desiccation and heat from the sun. They are insectivores, which means that they feed mainly on insects and other invertebrates that they can find in their habitat.

Rhinophrynus dorsalis is a species that has attracted the attention of biologists and herpetologists due to its unusual appearance and restricted geographic distribution. Furthermore, its unique lifestyle and adaptations make it an interesting object of study in the field of biology. However, conservation of this species is a concern, as its population is in decline due to habitat loss and other environmental factors. As a result, it is considered a vulnerable species and it is important to take measures for its preservation and protection.

Approximate measurements of Digging Toad:
  • 1:1 scale - 82mm