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Allosaurus (A. fragilis, `Different Lizard´) was the most common predatory theropod of the Kimmeridgian and Titionian Ages of the Late Jurassic and also the most dangerous.
The Allosaurus had a large and robust head with serrated, sharp and curved teeth of between 5-10 cm, which allowed it to tear the flesh of its prey. It also had muscular three-fingered arms with claws up to 15 cm long, which helped it hold on to its prey. Its tail was long and flexible, allowing it to swing and turn rapidly to attack or defend itself. One of the most characteristic features of the Allosaurus are its two 50 cm long crowns, which could measure 9 to 12 m long.
Allosaurus is believed to have been a solitary hunter that hunted prey such as large herbivorous dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus and Diplodocus. However, it is also known that they sometimes hunted in groups to take down larger prey.
Despite being a fearsome predator, Allosaurus was not the dominant theropod species of its time, as it coexisted with other large predators such as Ceratosaurus and Torvosaurus. However, its size, strength, and hunting abilities make it one of the most well-known and fascinating theropod dinosaurs of all time.
The Pose of the Model represents a specimen of Allosaurus fragilis in pursuit of one of its prey that could well be one of the huge phytophagous sauropods that it hunted in its time.

Approximate measurements of the replica:

Scale 1:35 - 235 mm