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Archeopteryx (A. lithographica 'Oldwing') is an extinct species of primitive bird that lived during the Late Jurassic Kimmeridgian period, approximately 150 million years ago, in what is now Germany. It is considered a transitional fossil between dinosaurs and modern birds, and is known for both its reptilian and avian characteristics.
Archeopteryx had feathers and wings, but also possessed reptilian features such as teeth, wing claws, and a long, bony tail. It is believed that it was a bipedal animal, that is, it walked on two legs. Its size was similar to that of a modern crow, with a length of around 50 centimeters.
The Archeopteryx habitat was a humid, wooded environment, with dense vegetation composed of ferns, conifers, and cycads. It is believed that it was an animal that was active during the day, and fed mainly on insects and small animals, such as lizards and rodents.
Archeopteryx is one of the most important fossils in the history of evolution, providing direct evidence for the evolutionary transition from dinosaurs to birds. Its discovery in 1861 revolutionized our understanding of bird evolution and has been the subject of study and fascination among scientists and paleontology enthusiasts for over a century.
The Model Pose represents an Archeopteryx specimen collecting material to make its nest.

Approximate measurements of the Archeopteryx:

  • Scale 1:6 - 85 x 34 x 46 mm H
  • Scale 1:4 - 134 x 54 x 72 mm H
  • Scale 1:2 - 260 x 105 x 140 mm Al (Replica in two pieces, body and tail)
  • Scale 1:1 - 540 mm Assembly kit