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The two Archelons, huge prehistoric giant tortoises, gracefully glide through the crystal clear water of the coral reef. Their massive shells and rough, greenish-brown skin stand out among the vibrant corals and tropical fish that swim around them.

The turtles slowly approach an area of the reef where there is a large amount of algae and coral, their main source of food. Using their powerful jaws, they nibble at algae and tear up soft corals with their sharp beaks, feeding calmly. They are seen bobbing their heads from side to side, enjoying their underwater feast.

While feeding, the turtles also interact with each other, moving in harmony. Sometimes they lightly brush against each other as they move, as if they are communicating or simply sharing space. Their movement is slow and graceful, and they glide easily through the corals, adapting perfectly to their environment.

The coral reef is abuzz with marine life, and the Archelons seem to be in their element. Brightly colored fish swim around them, curious about the presence of these huge turtles. Some small fish take the opportunity to feed on the algal and coral debris left behind by the turtles.

With their imposing size and majestic presence, the Archelon are true giants of the ocean. Although they feed calmly, their voracious appetite and their ability to find food in the coral reef are impressive. It is a fascinating sight to witness these ancient marine creatures in action, swimming and feeding in their natural habitat on the coral reef.

Approximate measurements of the Archelon:

  • Scale 1:60 - 58 x 48 x 40 mm H
  • Scale 1:35 - 98 x 81 x 68 mm H