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Aulophyseter morricei

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Aulophyseter morricei
Aulophyseter morricei is an extinct species of cetacean, belonging to the family Physeteridae, which lived during the Miocene, approximately 15 to 10 million years ago. It is classified within the group of sperm whales (Physeteridae), which includes large toothed whales known for their characteristic enormous head and their ability to dive to great depths in search of prey.

The distinctive feature of Aulophyseter morricei is its elongated and narrow skull, with a bony crest on the top of the snout, giving it its name "Aulophyseter" which means "crested sperm whale". This ridge could have played a role in anchoring the muscles used for chewing prey. The species morricei was added to the name in honor of James Morrice, who contributed to the study of cetacean fossils.

As part of the sperm whale family, Aulophyseter morricei would have been a predator of marine life, feeding primarily on squid and other marine animals. Although precise details about his behavior and hunting habits are not known, it is believed that he would have used his teeth to capture and consume prey.

Approximate measurements of the Aulophyseter:

Scale 1:35 - 120 mm