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Baryonyx (Baryonyx walkeri) was a theropod dinosaur that lived during the Cretaceous period, approximately 130 to 125 million years ago. The name "Baryonyx" comes from the Greek "barys" meaning "heavy" and "onyx" meaning "claw", reflecting the huge claws this dinosaur possessed.

The Baryonyx was a large dinosaur, measuring approximately 8-10 meters long and weighing around 2 tons. It had a long, low skull, measuring approximately 75 centimeters long. Its mouth was filled with sharp, recurved teeth, indicating that it fed on animal prey. Unlike other theropod dinosaurs, however, Baryonyx also preferentially ate fish, making it one of the few known dinosaurs to feed on such prey.

One of the most distinctive features of the Baryonyx is its huge claws on its hands. These claws are around 30 centimeters long and are the largest known on any theropod dinosaur. It is believed that these claws were used to capture prey, as well as to defend themselves against other predators. It is also thought that the Baryonyx had a skin membrane between its claws that allowed it to catch fish more easily.

Another unique feature of the Baryonyx is its long, narrow snout. Scientists believe this adaptation allowed it to reach and catch fish more effectively in shallow bodies of water. Its snout is also believed to have been strong enough to crush turtle shells and other invertebrates.

Although relatively little is known about the life and behavior of the Baryonyx, the fossils found indicate that it was an active and agile predator. It is believed that it lived in swampy and wooded areas near rivers and lakes, where it could hunt terrestrial and aquatic prey.

Approximate Measurements of the Base:

  • Scale 1:72 - 56 x 29 x 48 mm H
  • Scale 1:35 - 115 x 59 x 99 mm H