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Baryonyx (Baryonyx walkeri)

The scene begins in a crystal clear river surrounded by lush vegetation and tall trees. At the riverbank, a Baryonyx slowly approaches the water's edge, moving its powerful legs and long tail behind it.

The dinosaur stops at the water's edge, with its head lowered and its eyes fixed on the river. It stands completely still, like a statue, patiently waiting for the fish to get close enough to be caught.

The water churns slightly as the fish swims closer to the surface, and the Baryonyx does a quick leap forward, plunging its jaw into the water. The dinosaur grabs the fish with its sharp teeth and pulls it out of the water with a flick of its head.

The Baryonyx holds the fish in its mouth for a few seconds, letting the water drain away, before swallowing it whole. The dinosaur returns to the shore, shakes its head to release any remaining water, and walks away from the river bank, with the satisfaction of having successfully hunted its prey.

Approximate Measurements of the Base:

  • Scale 1:72 - 50 x 44 x 8 mm H
  • Scale 1:35 - 102 x 91 x 16 mm H