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Camptosaurus dispar

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Camptosaurus dispar
Camptosaurus dispar is a herbivorous dinosaur that lived during the Late Jurassic period, approximately 155 million years ago. It belongs to the group of ornithopod dinosaurs, which are characterized by their adaptation to feeding on plants and their bipedal posture. The name "Camptosaurus" means "bent lizard", in reference to the hunched posture that its fossil remains adopt when found.

This ornithopod dinosaur was medium in size, with a body length of around 4 meters and a weight of approximately 500 kilograms. Its body was built for bipedal locomotion, with long, strong hind legs that allowed it to move agilely on two limbs. The front legs were shorter and were used to hold and manipulate the vegetation it ate.

The skull of Camptosaurus dispar featured a series of teeth adapted to chewing plants, suggesting that its diet consisted mainly of ferns, conifers and other types of vegetation of the time. Although their teeth were not as specialized as those of some other ornithopods, such as hadrosaurs, they were still effective at processing vegetation.

An interesting aspect of Camptosaurus dispar is that fossils have been found in several locations in North America, indicating that it had a wide geographic distribution. This has also provided valuable information about the diversity of dinosaurs in the Late Jurassic and their adaptation to different habitats.

Approximate measurements of the Camptosaurus:
  • Scale 1:35 - 170 mm