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Kangaroo / Dingo

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Kangaroo / Dingo

On the vast plains of Australia, two dingoes, one male and one female, dash across the barren terrain in pursuit of a kangaroo. Dingoes run in a straight line, using their speed and agility to close the distance between themselves and their prey.

The kangaroo, a swift and agile juvenile, leaps gracefully, trying to evade the dingoes. The dingoes zigzag, working as a team to encircle the kangaroo and cut off its escape route. Their tongues loll out with the effort, and their eyes are locked on their target, determined in their hunt.

The chase is exciting and fast. The dingoes are getting closer and closer to the kangaroo, and the juvenile kangaroo shows its ability to jump and turn in the air to evade its predators. However, dingoes are persistent, coordinating their movements to stay close to their prey.

Approximate Measurements of the Base:

  • 1:24 scale - 110mm