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Coelophysis bauri

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Coelophysis bauri
Coelophysis bauri, whose name means "hollow form of Georg Baur", is a coelophysid theropod dinosaur that inhabited North America during the late Triassic period, approximately 209 to 201 million years ago. It stood out for its graceful constitution, reaching a length of 2.5 to 3 meters and a height of one meter, with a weight close to 28 kilograms.

Their complete skeletons have provided valuable information about their morphology. It had an elongated snout with large windows that lightened the weight of the skull, along with curved and serrated teeth adapted for carnivorous feeding. The presence of numerous specimens found at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, suggests the possibility that they lived in large herds, which would allow them to hunt larger animals.

Its tail had a unique structure, with prezygapophyseal joints forming a semi-rigid lattice that allowed it to move vertically, probably acting as a rudder in high-speed running. Furthermore, its anatomy reveals adaptations for rapid locomotion, such as a sigmoid curve in the neck, similar to that of modern birds, which gave it a fast bite.

Fossil finds, especially at Ghost Ranch, suggest that these dinosaurs perished in catastrophic events, possibly flash floods, which has led to speculation about their herd behavior. However, direct evidence for such behavior remains scarce.

The genus Coelophysis, with C. bauri as the type species, has been the subject of additional taxonomic discussions and classifications, especially in relation to other coelophysis and related species. Despite controversies, Coelophysis bauri remains one of the best studied and understood species of early theropod dinosaurs.

Approximate measurements of the Coelophysis:

  • Complete 1:20 Scale
    • Length 141mm
    • Height 63mm
    • Snout-tail length 155 mm
  • 1:10 scale Assembly kit 2 pieces
    • Length 282mm
    • Height 126mm
    • Snout-tail length 308mm