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Cynops wolterstorffi

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Cynops wolterstorffi
The Yunnan Lake newt, also known as Wolterstorff's newt, is an extinct species of newt belonging to the Salamandridae family. Its habitat was restricted to the vicinity of Lake Kunming in the Yunnan region of China. This newt primarily inhabited shallow lake waters and adjacent areas of freshwater habitats.

Adults normally reach a length of 11 to 14 cm. The maximum lengths that have been documented are 12.7 cm for the male and 18 cm for the female.

Despite exhaustive studies, it has not been sighted since 1979, confirming its state of extinction. Their disappearance highlights the vulnerability of certain species to changes in their environment and other adverse factors.

Approximate measurements of Cynops wolterstorffi:

  • Full 1:1 Scale
    • Length 100mm
    • Height 21mm
    • Snout-tail length 156 mm