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Daeodon shoshonensis

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Daeodon shoshonensis

Daeodon (D. shoshonensis "destructive tooth"), the last and largest of the entelodontids that lived between 29 and 19 million years ago, in the middle Oligocene and lower Miocene; Adults of this species could measure up to 3.4 meters long and weigh 900 kg and had skulls around 90 centimeters long full of large and quite unequal teeth, as they had small incisors and huge canines to tear the flesh.

He had warts on his skull similar to those the Warthog has today.
In addition to being a fearsome carnivore, it was supposed to have an omnivorous diet since it could have also fed on carrion and different plants.

They could open their jaws up to 90 degrees and like all entelodontids, their limbs were long and thin and the forearm bones were fused into one and they only had two fingers on each leg.

Daeodon is believed to have inhabited what is now North America, especially in the Great Plains region. There, it lived in open woodland and grassland areas, where it fed on a variety of foods, including fruits, nuts, roots, plants, and the meat of small and medium-sized animals.

Due to its large size and powerful jaw, Daeodon was one of the top predators in its ecosystem, and it is likely that it competed with other large carnivores of the time, such as the Borophagus wolf and the Temnocyon dog. Despite its reputation as a ferocious animal, Daeodon is also known to have lived in packs, suggesting that it was a social and cooperative animal.

The pose represents a specimen of Daeodon shoshonensis in dispute fitness.

Approximate measurements of the Daeodon:

Scale 1:35 - 86 x 35 x 58 mm H