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Deinosuchus / Archelon

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Deinosuchus / Archelon

In this idyllic setting, two impressive marine creatures were swimming in harmony. The Deinosuchus, a fearsome crocodile-like prehistoric reptile, moved gracefully through the water while swimming alongside it was an Archelon, a gigantic sea turtle with its distinctive shield-shaped shell. The Archelon was a majestic creature, with its front flippers resembling moving wings and its long neck reaching out of the water to breathe. Both animals moved gracefully, as if they were the kings of the reef.

The Deinosuchus and the Archelon interacted peacefully, ignoring their differences and sharing the same space in the prehistoric ocean. Sometimes Deinosuchus would dive underwater and emerge with a flick of its jaw, catching prey that swam nearby. The Archelon, for its part, fed on jellyfish and other marine organisms, swimming gracefully to find its next meal.

Both animals were imposing and dominated their marine environment with their size and strength. However, in that scene, they were shown in their calmest and most peaceful state, swimming in harmony along the coral reef.

Approximate measurements of the Deinosuchus:

  • Scale 1:60 - 146 x 56 x 89 mm H
  • Scale 1:35 - 250 x 95 x 89 mm H