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Diabloceratops eatoni

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Diabloceratops eatoni
Diabloceratops eatoni, herbivorous dinosaur that inhabited the Earth during the Cretaceous period, specifically in what is now North America, approximately 79 million years ago. This dinosaur belongs to the group of ceratopsids, characterized by its striking horns and its distinctive crest on the skull.

Diabloceratops was notable for its small size compared to other ceratopsians, with an estimated length of around 4 to 5 meters and a weight of around 1 ton. Although not as large as some of its more famous relatives, such as Triceratops, Diabloceratops had unique traits that made it interesting to paleontologists and dinosaur enthusiasts.

One of the most distinctive features of the Diabloceratops was its skull. It had a pair of short, pointy horns on top of its head, just above its eyes. In addition, it had a bony crest that extended backwards from its snout to its neck. This crest gave this dinosaur a unique and striking appearance. The horns and crest probably had functions in communication between individuals of the same species and in competition for the attention of potential mates.

Its snout was equipped with a horny beak that allowed it to uproot and cut plants, its main source of food. The teeth were in the form of a dental battery in its jaws, which helped it process plant material efficiently.

Diabloceratops lived in an environment that at the time was semi-arid, with vegetation that included ferns, conifers, and other plants typical of the time. It was a time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, and within its ecological niche, Diabloceratops played an important role as a herbivore.

Much of what we know about Diabloceratops comes from fossils found in Utah, in the Wahweap Formation.

Approximate measurements of Diabloceratops:
  • Scale 1:35 - 125mm