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Dimetrodon / Edaphosaurus

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Dimetrodon / Edaphosaurus
In the ancient, lush prehistoric world, the sun filtered through the dense vegetation, creating patches of light and shadow on the fern-covered ground. Beside the still waters of a stream, an Edaphosaurus, with its distinctive sail-like crest on its back, was leaning over to drink.

Without warning, a Dimetrodon crept out of the nearby bushes. Its dorsal sail gleamed in the sunbeams, and its yellow eyes burned with a ferocious intensity. With quick and powerful movements, the predator pounced on the Edaphosaurus.

The Dimetrodon's claws dug into the ground, propelling it forward as its sharp teeth flashed as its jaw opened menacingly. The Edaphosaurus barely had time to turn its head before the attack was consummated. The Dimetrodon's jaws closed around its prey's neck, and a shrill cry of surprise and pain filled the air.

Approximate measurements of the Dimetrodon:
  • Scale 1:35
    • Length 97mm
    • Height 75mm
    • Snout-tail length 128 mm

  • Scale 1-24
    • Length 145mm
    • Height 85mm
    • Muzzle-tail length 188 mm