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Dimorphodon, (D. macronyx, `Teeth of two forms´) is a genus of Pterosaur from the Hettangian Age of the lower Jurassic, 180-200 million years ago and was discovered in England in 1828 and is known to be one of the first pterosaurs discovered and studied.
This ramforrinco had an approximate wingspan of 1.4 m and a length of 1 m counting the tail. The legs are long and powerful with strong claws on the hands and feet, a necessary adaptation to be able to cling to rocks and cliffs.
It is known that Dimorphodon was a relatively small animal compared to other pterosaurs and was an active predator that hunted fish and other small animals and that it had a strong jaw and sharp teeth that allowed it to capture and hold slippery prey, furthermore, it is believed to have been a social animal and that lived in groups, which is suggested by the presence of several specimens found together.
Dimorphodon inhabited coastal areas, as fossils have been found in England, France and Germany.
Some studies suggest that Dimorphodon might also have been able to fly over water and hunt for prey on the sea's surface. Dimorphodon is generally believed to have been a highly adaptable animal that may have inhabited various coastal habitats during its time on Earth.
The Model Pose depicts a Dimorphodon peering out from the cliff's crown en at the newly formed shallow inland seas teeming with life.

Approximate measurements of the Dimorphodon:

  • Complete 1:35 Scale
    • Length 22mm
    • Height 14mm
    • Wingspan 44 mm
    • Complete 1:20 Scale
      • Length 40mm
      • Height 25mm
      • Wingspan 79 mm