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Doedicurus (D. clavicaudatus `thick-boned´) is an extinct genus of cingulate mammals of the family Glyptodontidae that lived in South America during the Pleistocene, approximately 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago. These animals were characterized by having a thick and pointed bone armor, which protected them from predators and allowed them to move through difficult terrain.

The Doedicurus was around 3.5 meters long and weighed around 1500 kg. Its body was covered by a layer of hair, which probably allowed it to maintain an adequate body temperature in the cold winters of the Pleistocene.

Unlike other glyptodons, which had a flexible tail, Doedicurus had a stiff, club-shaped tail, which it probably used as a weapon against predators. Furthermore, its skull was very large and equipped with sharp teeth, suggesting that it could also be a competent predator.

The natural habitat of the Doedicurus was a wide variety of environments, from forests to grasslands to savannahs. It is known that these animals were capable of digging burrows in the ground, which allowed them to take refuge from the weather and from predators. It is also believed that they were able to survive in very dry areas, thanks to their ability to store water in their bodies.

Although the Doedicurus has been extinct for thousands of years, its bony armor remains a mystery to scientists. It is believed that these pointed plates could have been used for digging, to fight against other Doedicurus during mating seasons, or to protect themselves from predators. However, much remains to be discovered about these fascinating prehistoric animals and their Pleistocene lifestyle.

The Model Pose represents a walking Doedericus specimen.

Approximate measurements of the Doedicurus:

Scale 1:60 - 60 x 22 x 26 mm H
Scale 1:35 - 103 x 36 x 44 mm H