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Dorudon atrox

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Dorudon atrox

Dorudon atrox is an extinct species of cetacean mammal that belongs to the Basilosauridae group. Cetaceans are a group of marine mammals that includes whales, dolphins, and porpoises. The Basilosauridae are a family of archaic cetaceans that lived during the Eocene, approximately 40 to 35 million years ago.

The name "Dorudon" comes from the Greek term "dory" which means spear, and "odon" which means tooth, referring to the sharp teeth it possessed. The species is known as "atrox", meaning fierce or terrible, suggesting that Dorudon atrox may have been a formidable predator within its ecosystem.

Dorudon atrox had a similar appearance to modern whales, although it was smaller. It is estimated that it reached a length of approximately 5 to 7 meters. It had an elongated body with fins and a tail adapted for swimming in the ocean. Like other cetaceans, Dorudon atrox was a completely aquatic animal and depended on the marine environment for its survival.

Dorudon atrox's diet was based mainly on fish and other small marine animals. Its sharp teeth allowed it to capture and chew its prey effectively.

Dorudon atrox is an important fossil for paleontology, as it provides additional evidence about the evolution of cetaceans and their transition from terrestrial to marine animals. Basilosaurs, like Dorudon, are thought to represent a crucial link in the evolutionary chain of modern whales.

Approximate measurements of the Dorudon:

  • Scale 1:35
    • Length 145mm
    • Height 66mm
    • Snout-tail length 200 mm
  • Scale 1:20
    • Length 253mm
    • Height 115mm
    • Snout-tail length 348 mm