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Drepanosaurus unguicaudatus

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Drepanosaurus unguicaudatus
Drepanosaurus is an extinct genus of archosaur reptiles, a group of diapsids known for their prehensile tails, that lived during the Upper Triassic, approximately 220 million years ago. This strange reptile belonged to the Drepanosauridae group, characterized by having unique and notable adaptations in its front limbs, it is considered a precursor of today's Geckos.

The most distinctive feature of Drepanosaurus was the presence of long, thin claws on its front limbs, which gave it a peculiar appearance. These claws, reminiscent of those of a heron or stork, suggest that Drepanosaurus may have had an arboreal lifestyle, using these structures to cling to branches or capture prey.

Regarding its general anatomy, Drepanosaurus had an elongated body and a relatively short tail, measuring up to 50 cm. Its skull had specialized features, with teeth adapted for a certain type of diet. Although its appearance and physical characteristics were unique, the precise biology of Drepanosaurus and its behavior are still topics of study and debate among paleontologists.

This prehistoric reptile is known from fossils found in North America.

Approximate measurements of the Drepanosaurus:

  • Complete 1:3 Scale
    • Width 49mm
    • Height 123mm
    • Snout-tail length 167mm