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Dromaeosaur / Alphadon

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Dromaeosaur / Alphadon
Approximately 75 million years ago, in what is now North America, in a prehistoric landscape covered in ferns and conifers, a thrilling chase unfolds. A small Alphadon mammal, the size of a large cat, runs quickly along the ground in search of shelter among the dense vegetation. His shaggy fur stands on end as he hears the terrifying roars behind him.

From among the ferns, a Dromaeosaurid emerges, a feathered carnivorous dinosaur the size of a human, but much more agile and lethal. Its sharp, curved claws clash against fallen leaves as it creeps forward, its feathers vibrating with anticipation of the attack.

The Alphadon, with its survival instinct in full effect, accelerates its race through the prehistoric forest, jumping over roots and dodging rocks. The Dromaeosaurid, known for its intelligence and teamwork, is quickly gaining ground, jumping from side to side to close the distance.

Approximate measurements of the Dromaeosaur:
  • Scale 1:12 - 140mm
  • Scale 1:6 - 240 mm
  • Complete base and Dromaeosaur in two pieces