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Dunkleosteus terrelli

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Dunkleosteus terrelli

Dunkleosteus terrelli was a species of arthrodirous placoderm fish that existed in the late Devonian period, from about 380 to 360 million years ago, in the Frasnian and Famenian.

Contrary to previous estimates, recent research has shown that Dunkleosteus terrelli did not reach the enormous dimensions previously attributed. Instead of 10 meters in length, this armored fish is now believed to have been of a more moderate size, reaching approximately 3.5 meters in length as an adult. Despite this smaller size compared to previous estimates, Dunkleosteus was still a formidable predator in its ecosystem.

The most distinctive feature of the Dunkleosteus terrelli is its impressive bony armor. His body was protected by fused bone plates that formed an impenetrable defensive structure. This armor provided him with protection from predators and also allowed him to face his prey with confidence. The jaw of this fish was another prominent feature: it was equipped with sharp, powerful teeth that enabled it to effectively grab, tear, and shred prey.

Despite its more modest size compared to previous estimates, Dunkleosteus terrelli was still a dominant predator in its environment. Its fleshy lobes, instead of true fins, allowed it to move with some agility in the water, making it an efficient hunter.

The latest discoveries about the size of Dunkleosteus terrelli give us a more accurate look at this intriguing marine predator of the past. Although its dimensions have been adjusted, its unique anatomy and its role as a top hunter in ancient ecosystems remain fascinating elements in the study of the evolution of marine life during the Devonian.

Approximate measurements of the Dunkleosteus:

  • Scale 1:35- 100mm (Complete)
  • Scale 1:20 - 175mm (Assembly Kit)