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Edmontosaurus is a genus of hadrosaurid dinosaurs, commonly known as "duck-billed dinosaurs". These dinosaurs lived during the Late Cretaceous period, approximately 73 to 65 million years ago. The name "Edmontosaurus" comes from the place where the first fossil was found, the Edmonton River bed in Alberta, Canada.

Edmontosaurus were large herbivorous dinosaurs that reached impressive sizes. The best known and studied species is the Edmontosaurus regalis, which measured around 12 meters in length and could weigh several tons. They had a robust body and a quadrupedal posture, although they were capable of standing up on their hind legs to reach higher branches or to observe their surroundings.

A distinctive feature of hadrosaurids, including Edmontosaurus, is their broad, flattened duck-like beak, which allowed them to feed on soft, fibrous plants such as ferns, conifers, and other plants of the time.

Edmontosaurus was also characterized by having a long tail and strong, stocky hindlimbs. Unlike the forelimbs, which were shorter, the hind legs were powerful and allowed them to move quickly. It is believed that they were good swimmers and walkers, which allowed them to move through different types of habitats in search of food and shelter.

Like other dinosaurs, the reproduction and social behavior of Edmontosaurus are topics of ongoing debate and study among paleontologists. It has been suggested that they may have lived in packs and had a complex social organization.

Approximate measurements of the Edmontosaurus:

Scale 1:35 - 318 mm Assembly kit