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Eozostrodon parvus

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Eozostrodon parvus
Eozostrodon parvus is a small extinct mammal that belonged to the group of cynodonts, which in turn is found within the subclass Cynodontia. This animal lived during the Triassic period, specifically in the Early Triassic era, approximately 200 million years ago. Its name, Eozostrodon, derives from the Greek "eos" meaning "dawn" and "stros" meaning "chest", referring to the early period in which it lived.

Eozostrodon parvus was characterized by its small size compared to other cynodonts of the time. It had a specialized dental morphology, with teeth adapted for different functions, suggesting an omnivorous diet. Cynodonts, in general, are considered a key group in the evolution of mammals, since they share both reptilian and mammalian characteristics.

This animal probably had a body structure that included characteristics intermediate between reptiles and modern mammals. As they evolved over time, cynodonts, including Eozostrodon parvus, contributed to the development of characteristics that would eventually define mammals as a group. Their presence in the fossil record is crucial to understanding the evolutionary transition that led to the emergence of mammals during the Mesozoic.

Approximate measurements of Eozostrodon:
  • 1:1 scale
    • Length 90mm
    • Height 55mm
    • Snout-tail length 105 mm