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Galliminus bullatus

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Galliminus bullatus

Gallimimus bullatus was a theropod dinosaur that lived approximately 70 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous, in what is now Mongolia. It is classified within the Ornithomimidae family, known as "ostrich dinosaurs" due to its resemblance to modern birds and its adaptation to run at high speeds.

This species was characterized by being a bipedal dinosaur with a light and slender body. It had a small head with a toothless jaw, like that of other birds and ornithomimid dinosaurs. Its eyes were well developed, which allowed it to have excellent vision and detect possible predators or prey.

One of the most notable characteristics of Gallimimus bullatus was its size and agility. It is estimated that it could reach a length of approximately 6 meters and weigh around 440 kg. This makes it one of the largest and fastest theropod dinosaurs known.

His long, muscular limbs suggest that Gallimimus was an exceptional runner. It is believed that it could reach speeds of up to 40 to 50 kilometers per hour, allowing it to quickly flee from predators or hunt small prey.

Gallimimus bullatus was a herbivore, feeding mainly on plants, leaves and fruits found in its environment. It is believed that it had an omnivorous and opportunistic diet, which means that it could adjust its diet according to the availability of food in its habitat.

This species has been known thanks to several fossils found in Mongolia, particularly in the Djadokhta Formation. The wealth of fossils found in this region has provided valuable information on the fauna and flora of the Late Cretaceous and has allowed paleontologists to better study and understand this enigmatic dinosaur.

Approximate measurements of the Galliminus:

Scale 1:35 - 158 mm