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Gorgosaurus libratus / Styracosaurus albertensis

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Gorgosaurus libratus / Styracosaurus albertensis
In the rugged landscape of the Upper Cretaceous, a Gorgosaurus libratus, an imposing predator of large proportions, comes face to face with a challenging Styracosaurus albertensis. Both animals face each other in a fierce fight for survival. The Gorgosaurus, with its powerful skull and sharp teeth, attempts to close the gap quickly, while the Styracosaurus, with its distinctive collar of spines and nasal horn, adopts a defensive stance.

The scene becomes a ballet of strategies and agile movements. The Gorgosaurus looks for weaknesses in the Styracosaurus's natural armor, while the latter uses its spines to keep the predator at bay. The speed and agility of the Gorgosaurus contrast with the resistance and defenses of the Styracosaurus.

The fighting is intense, and the balance of power is constantly shifting. Both fighters are determined to ensure their survival in this ancient confrontation, where life in the Cretaceous is marked by the implacable law of nature.

Approximate measurements of the Gorgosaurus: 2 pieces
  • Scale 1:35
    • Length 180mm
    • Height 120mm
    • Snout-tail length 250 mm