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The scene begins in the warm waters of the coral reef in the Cretaceous period, millions of years ago.

Suddenly, a Hesperornis emerges from the depths, its slender body covered in feathers and its sharp, long, pointed beak. Its wings, adapted for swimming rather than flying, help it maneuver through the water with ease. Their webbed feet are perfect for underwater propulsion.

The Hesperornis glides among the corals, looking for a target. Their keen eyes scan the reef for signs of movement. Suddenly, he spots a school of fish swimming carelessly near the surface of the water.

With a swift and elegant movement, the Hesperornis darts towards the school of fish. Its webbed feet allow it to swim quickly, while its sharp bill is ready to catch its prey. The alarmed fish scatter in all directions, trying to escape the prehistoric predator.

Approximate measurements of the Hesperornis:

1:35 scale - 30 x 21 x 63mm H