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Hesperornis / Pteranodon

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Hesperornis / Pteranodon

On a distant shoreline, a risen reef rose majestically from the ocean, offering a haven for various marine creatures.

At that moment, a massive Pteranodon, with a wingspan that could exceed seven meters, was taking to the skies with its distinctive crested head, long, pointed beak, and membranous wings outstretched. His wings beat with power, allowing him to stay aloft with surprising grace.

The Pteranodon circled over the emerged reef, looking for its next prey. As it did, two small seabirds known as Hesperornis, with their black and white plumage, made high-pitched cries and flapped their wings as they followed the Pteranodon with alert eyes. The Pteranodon swooped down, its shadow cast across the emerged reef as it neared the surface of the water.

The Hesperornis, sensing the predator's presence, let out warning squeaks and scattered, swimming quickly to safety. The frustrated Pteranodon flapped its wings and rose again in search of a new opportunity.

The Hesperornis, having escaped danger, gathered again and uttered triumphant calls as they swam close to the reef, keeping a watchful eye out for the predator.

Approximate Measurements of the Base:

  • 1:72 scale - 91 mm long
  • 1:35 scale - 198 mm long

The sheet of water is offered in highly transparent resin
Acrylic Pteranodon stand