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Hippotragus leucophaeus

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Hippotragus leucophaeus
Hippotragus leucophaeus is an extinct species of artiodactyl mammal of the family Bovidae, commonly known as Bluebuck, was a species of antelope native to the coastal plains of South Africa. Unfortunately, due to extensive hunting and habitat loss, the Bluebuck faced a rapid decline in its population during the 18th century and finally became officially extinct in the wild in the early 19th century.

This extinction serves as a historical example of the impact of human activities, including overhunting and habitat destruction, on wildlife populations. The disappearance of the Bluebuck underlines the importance of conservation efforts and sustainable practices to protect and preserve biodiversity in the face of current threats to several species around the world.

Approximate measurements of the Hippotragus:
  • Scale 1:24 Complete
    • Length 79mm
    • Height 45mm
    • Cross height 45 mm
  • Scale 1:18 Complete
    • Length 106mm
    • Height 61mm
    • Cross height 61 mm