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Kosmoceratops (K. richardsoni, `Ornamental horned face´) is a genus of ceratopsid ornithischian dinosaur that lived during the Campanian of the Late Cretaceous period, approximately 76 million years ago, in what is now the state of Utah, in the United States.

Kosmoceratops was a relatively small ceratopsid, measuring around 4.5 meters in length and weighing around 1.5 tons. It had a very distinctive skull, with a series of horns and bumps on its head that make it unmistakable. It had two large horns over its eyes, a horn on its nose, and a series of small bumps on top of its skull.

In addition to its ornate head, Kosmoceratops had a very short, thick neck and stocky body. It also had short, strong legs, with broad feet and toes with curved claws. It is believed that it was a herbivorous animal that fed on low plants and shrubs.

Several partial skeletons of Kosmoceratops have been found in Utah, allowing scientists to study its anatomy in detail. It is known that it lived in a subtropical environment, along with other dinosaurs such as the Tyrannosaurus Teratophoneus curriei and the Hadrosaur Gryposaurus notabilis.

The Model Pose represents a specimen of Kosmoceratops digging and grazing in a meadow.

Approximate measurements of Kosmoceratops:

Scale 1:60 - 71 x 54 x 70 mm H
Scale 1:35 - 121 x 69 x 131 mm H
Scale 1:20 - 215 mm large