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African Lion / Hyena

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African Lion / Hyena

In the dark of the African night, under a starry sky, two hunting lionesses have succeeded in their nocturnal expedition. With stealth and cunning, they have cornered a nimble African antelope, which now lies lifeless on the ground after a frantic fight for its life. The two lionesses, bright-eyed and muscular, stand next to their prey, ready to satisfy their hunger and that of their proud pride.

The scene takes place in the relative quiet of night, interrupted only by the soft grunts of satisfaction from the lionesses as they tear at the antelope's flesh with their powerful jaws. The scent of blood permeates the air, drawing the attention of scavengers lurking in the gloom.

A pack of hyenas prowls in the shadows, their yellow eyes reflecting the moonlight, hungry and full of desire to appropriate the prey hunted by the lionesses. However, the hyenas know that facing the feline beasts head-on can be deadly, so they keep a safe distance, but close enough so they don't miss out on a chance to get a piece of the feast.

Lionesses, aware of the threat posed by hyenas, remain alert while feeding. They display perfect timing, sharing their hard-earned delicacy. They communicate with each other with soft growls, coordinating their movements to keep stalking hyenas at bay and protect their food.

The atmosphere is tense and full of emotion. The lionesses know they must eat quickly before the hyenas feel confident enough to snatch their reward. But hyenas are smart and patient, patiently biding their time, evaluating the lionesses' every move.

The noise of chewing and the crunching of bones breaks the silence of the night, while the lionesses continue their voracious feast. The scene is a powerful reminder of the unforgiving nature and the constant fight for survival in the animal kingdom. It is a moment of life and death in which the law of the strongest prevails, and where each species faces the harsh reality of the food chain.

Approximate measurements of the Antelope:

1:24 scale - 90mm