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Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) is a carnivorous feline that inhabits the regions of Africa and southwestern Asia. It is known for being the fastest land animal in the world, with a maximum running speed that can exceed 100 km/h over short distances, allowing it to chase and capture its prey.

The cheetah is a slender, graceful animal with long, slender legs and a small, rounded head with small, pointed ears. Their body is covered in soft, short, pale yellow fur with black spots all over the body, which provides them with excellent camouflage for hunting and avoiding detection by their prey.

Unlike other cats, cheetahs are solitary animals and usually hunt during the day. They feed mainly on gazelles, antelopes, and other small animals such as hares and birds, and use their speed and agility to pursue their prey in a short, fast dash.

Breeding in cheetahs is similar to that of other cats, with females having a litter of two to five cubs after a gestation period of around 90 to 95 days. The cubs are born blind and are completely dependent on their mother for the first few months of life.

Even though the cheetah is not currently threatened with extinction, its population has been affected by habitat loss, poaching, and a decline in natural prey due to over-exploitation of natural resources in its habitat.

Cheetah conservation has become a global concern due to its ecological and cultural importance. It is an animal highly valued for its beauty and speed, and is a major tourist attraction in some African countries. Furthermore, cheetahs play an important role in ecosystems by controlling the populations of their prey and helping to maintain the natural balance.

The Model Pose represents a Cheetah specimen walking through the African savannah.

Approximate measurements of the Cheetah:

  • Scale 1:24 - 64 x 28mm x 62mm H