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Majungasaurus fighting

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Majungasaurus fighting

Two majungasaurs, known for their cannibalistic nature, face off in a barren and desolate setting.

Their muscular bodies lash out fiercely, fueled by a primal, voracious instinct. Sharp claws and jaws full of pointed teeth become lethal weapons in this deadly fight.

Each thrust and each bite is a display of its ferocity and its insatiable desire for dominance. Blood spurts from fresh wounds, staining the sand and awakening their most primal instincts.

Although they share the same species, in this confrontation there is no room for camaraderie. Cannibalistic voracity is intertwined in each movement, a fight for supremacy in which the victor will not only claim the territory, but also the right to devour his fallen rival.

As the combat intensifies, the majungasaurs clash not only for survival, but also for the chance to quench their insatiable hunger. It's a brutal and savage showdown, where the line between prey and predator blurs in a frenzy of cannibalistic violence.

Approximate Measurements of the Base:

  • 1:72 scale - 70mm long
  • 1:35 scale - 141 mm long