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Makaracetus bidens

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Makaracetus bidens
Makaracetus bidens was a species of primitive whale that inhabited the oceans during the Eocene period. This cetacean belonged to the group of basilosauruses, which represent an early stage in the evolution of whales. Unlike modern whales that are completely aquatic, Makaracetus bidens showed characteristics that suggest an adaptation to a semi-aquatic lifestyle.

One of the distinctive features of Makaracetus bidens was its elongated skull and specialized teeth. The term "bidens" in its name refers to the forked teeth, which were unique adaptations for capturing prey in the water. This trait suggests that Makaracetus bidens may have been an active hunter of fish and other aquatic organisms.

In addition to its specialized teeth, Makaracetus bidens had limb adaptations that suggested some ability to swim and walk on land. Its forelimbs were elongated and had paddle-shaped bones, indicating a possible swimming function. This suggests that, unlike modern whales, Makaracetus bidens was able to spend some time in shallow water and perhaps even move on land, although to a limited extent.

Approximate measurements of Makaracetus:
  • Scale 1:35
    • Length 72mm
    • Height 36mm
    • Snout-tail length 89 mm
  • Scale 1:20
    • Length 125mm
    • Height 62mm
    • Snout-tail length 155 mm