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Megacerops, which is also known as "Brontotherium", is an extinct genus of perissodactyl mammals that lived in North America during the Eocene period, approximately 37 to 33 million years ago. These massive herbivores are known for their large size and similar appearance to modern rhinos, although they are not directly related to them.

Megacerops was one of the largest land mammals of its time, with a body length that could reach 4 meters and a height at the hip of around 2 meters. It had a robust and heavy body with strong, columnar legs, adapted to support its enormous weight. Its head was large and supported by a massive neck.

The most distinctive thing about Megacerops was its skull, which was equipped with a pair of bony structures called "ossicones." These structures resembled horns or protuberances protruding from the front of the skull, similar to the appearance of a rhinoceros. However, unlike rhino horns, Megacerops' ossicones were made of bone and not keratin.

Megacerops was a herbivore that fed mainly on plants and leaves, adapting to the vegetation that was available in its habitat. Their teeth were designed to chew tough, fibrous vegetation, allowing them to efficiently utilize their diet.

This giant mammal lived in an environment that varied from forests and wooded areas to grasslands and riparian areas. As they evolved and adapted to different ecosystems, Megacerops species developed variations in their size and shape, which has led to the identification of several species within the genus.

Megacerops became extinct at the end of the Eocene, as part of a series of environmental changes and evolutionary events that affected the fauna of the time.

Approximate measurements of the Megacerops:
  • Scale 1:35 - 120 mm