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Megatherium Americanum

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Megatherium Americanum
Megatherium americanum, also known as the megatherium, was a gigantic herbivorous creature that lived in South America during the Pleistocene period, approximately 2.5 million years ago. This extinct mammal belonged to the order Pilosa and the family Megatheriidae, being one of the largest ground sloths that ever existed.

With an estimated weight between 4 and 5 tons and a height that could reach 6 meters when standing on its hind legs, Megatherium americanum was a colossus of its time. Its massive bone structure and robust curved claws, which could measure up to 50 centimeters in length, made it a formidable herbivore capable of tearing branches and leaves from trees to feed itself.

Although its imposing size may suggest aggressive behavior, the Megatherium was actually a calm and peaceful animal, dedicated mainly to searching for food in the forests and grasslands it inhabited. It is believed that its diet consisted mainly of soft plants and leaves, adapting to a herbivorous diet despite its enormous size.

Approximate measurements of the Megatherium:

  • Complete 1:35 Scale
    • Length 140mm
    • Height 120mm
    • Snout-tail length 160 mm