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Microraptor gui / Eomaia

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Microraptor gui / Eomaia
Microraptor gui is a small theropod dinosaur that belonged to the group of dromaeosaurids, living during the early Cretaceous period, approximately 120 million years ago. Discovered in the Jiufotang Formation in China, this fascinating dinosaur was named after Chinese paleontologist Gu Zhiwei.

With an estimated length of around one meter, Microraptor gui was notable for its feathers, making it one of the first known non-avian dinosaurs with evidence of plumage on the limbs of both legs and wings. These asymmetrical feathers suggest that Microraptor gui was capable of moving through the air, although this is not considered active flight as in modern birds, but rather gliding from trees or elevated structures.

Its bone structure also indicated adaptations for flight, such as hollow bones and a considerable wing span compared to its body size. The anatomy of Microraptor gui has led to speculation about its ability to glide between trees or even hunt prey from an elevated position.

This dinosaur has a light and agile skeleton, with sharp claws on its extremities. Its elongated skull and dentition suggest that Microraptor gui was carnivorous, probably feeding on small vertebrates and possibly insects.

Approximate measurements of the Microraptor:

  • 1:6 Scale (Complete)
    • Length 125mm
    • Height 82mm
    • Snout-tail length 163 mm