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Miragaia longicollum

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Miragaia longicollum

Miragaia longicollum is a species of stegosaurus sauropod dinosaur that lived during the Late Jurassic period, approximately 150 million years ago.

Miragaia longicollum was erected on the basis of a partial anterior skeleton from the Late Jurassic of Portugal. Until then, almost all stegosaur specimens in Portugal and Spain had been identified as Dacentrurus armatus, the sister taxon of M. longicollum.

What makes a Miragaia longicollum unique is its distinctive tail, which features a series of long, sharp spines that extend from the base to the tip. These spines would probably be used to ward off possible predators or to display defense in courtship rituals. The species is also characterized by its exceptionally long neck, hence its specific name "longicollum", which means "long neck" in Latin.

Miragaia longicollum was a medium-sized herbivorous dinosaur, with an estimated length of approximately 6.5 meters and could weigh approximately 2,000 kg. It had a robust body and four strong legs that allowed it to move both on land and in water. It is believed that it lived in coastal habitats and fed on vegetation near rivers and lakes.

Approximate measurements of the Miragaia:

  • 1:35 scale - 188 mm long
  • The base is delivered complete, just glue the two sheets
  • Miragaia is delivered in two pieces; body and head