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Muttaburrasaurus langdoni

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Muttaburrasaurus langdoni
Muttaburrasaurus langdoni is the only known species of the extinct genus Muttaburrasaurus, a rhabdodontomorph ornithopod dinosaur that lived in the mid-Cretaceous period, approximately 112 to 98.6 million years ago, during the Albian and Cenomanian epochs. This fascinating herbivore lived in what we know today as Australia, in an environment rich in vegetation and biological diversity.

The Muttaburrasaurus stands out for its medium size, reaching around 7 to 8 meters in length and an estimated weight of 2.8 to 4 tons. Its robust body and strong legs indicate that it was a quadruped dinosaur, although it is believed that it could also have moved on two legs, especially when running or reaching high vegetation.

One of the most distinctive features of Muttaburrasaurus is its skull, which features a prominent bulbous nasal protuberance. This bump on the snout, whose specific function is still debated, could have been used for sound amplification, display behavior, or even for some type of recognition between individuals of the same species. The dental structure of Muttaburrasaurus was well adapted to shredding plants, with teeth forming an efficient cutting surface, suggesting that it fed on hard, fibrous vegetation.

Muttaburrasaurus lived in an environment dominated by rivers and coastal plains, where vegetation was abundant. Its adaptation to a herbivorous diet allowed it to exploit various types of plants, from leaves to ferns and cycads, which thrived in the hot, humid climate of its time.

Fossil remains of Muttaburrasaurus langdoni have been discovered primarily in Queensland, Australia, in the Mackunda Formation and other early Cretaceous geological formations. These findings have provided valuable insight into Australia's dinosaur fauna and have highlighted the uniqueness of Australian dinosaurs compared to those from other continents.

Approximate measurements of the Muttaburrasaurus:
  • Complete 1:60 Scale
    • Length 112mm
    • Height 42mm
    • Snout-tail length 125 mm

  • Complete 1:35 Scale
    • Length 191mm
    • Height 72mm
    • Snout-tail length 215 mm