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Neogale macrodon

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Neogale macrodon
The sea mink (Neogale macrodon), a recently extinct species of carnivorous mammal belonging to the family Mustelidae that measured approximately 55 cm from the snout to the base of the tail and populated the eastern coasts of North America. Its close relationship with the American mink generated debates about whether it should be considered a subspecies of the latter or whether it deserved to be recognized as an independent species.

Distinguished by its darker reddish-brown fur compared to the common American mink, the sea mink stood out for its larger size. This semi-aquatic mammal found its habitat in coastal waters, where it dedicated much of its time hunting for fish, crustaceans and other aquatic prey.

Unfortunately, in the early 20th century, the sea mink faced extensive hunting driven by demand for its prized fur. This human pressure had devastating consequences, leading to the extinction of the species. Although its disappearance marked the end of a unique part of North America's east coast fauna, it also serves as a painful reminder of the negative impacts of unsustainable hunting and wildlife exploitation.

Approximate measurements of the Neogale macrodon:
  • Scale 1:24 Complete
    • Length 25mm
    • Height 18mm
    • Snout-tail base length 23 mm

  • Scale 1:18 Complete
    • Length 30mm
    • Height 23mm
    • Snout-base tail length 30.5 mm