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Neomonachus tropicalis

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Neomonachus tropicalis
Neomonachus tropicalis, Caribbean monk seal, also known as the Caribbean monk seal, is remembered as an extinct species of pinniped mammal belonging to the Phocid family. Its existence was intrinsically linked to the waters of the Caribbean Sea, where it was the only representative of its order in this clearly tropical environment.

Weighing approximately 200 kilograms and measuring around 2.5 meters in length, the Caribbean monk seal stood out as one of the only two tropical seals in the world. Its presence extended from the Gulf of Mexico to the Caribbean Sea, making it a unique species adapted to the warm waters of this region.

Unfortunately, the history of the Caribbean monk seal is marked by human interference. Hunted for their valuable resources, such as meat, oil, and hide, this species also faced constant pressure from habitat loss due to human expansion, overfishing, and diseases transmitted by human activities.

The last confirmed sighting of the Caribbean monk seal dates back to 1952, marking a dark chapter in the history of Caribbean fauna. In 2008, the sad reality of its extinction was officially recognized. The disappearance of this species not only represents the loss of a unique pinniped mammal, but also serves as a reminder of the responsibility we have as a society to preserve and protect the rich biodiversity of our planet.

Approximate measurements of Neomonachus:
  • Scale 1:24 Complete
    • Length 100mm
    • Height 25mm
    • Snout-tail length 106 mm

  • Scale 1:18 Complete
    • Length 134mm
    • Height 33mm
    • Snout-base length 140 mm