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Nile Crocodile vs Wildebeest

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Nile Crocodile vs Wildebeest

Nile crocodiles (Crocodylus niloticusare large and powerful reptiles found in Africa. They are predators and hunt animals such as fish, birds, mammals, and reptiles. When a herd of wildebeest tries to cross a river, they become easy targets for crocodiles.

The scene opens with the herd of wildebeest (Connochaetesgathered at the riverbank, nervous and wary as they assess the best way to cross the water. Wildebeest are fast and agile animals, but in the water they are slower and more vulnerable. As they get closer to the water, the crocodiles hide below the surface, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

As the wildebeest begin to cross, the crocodiles quickly emerge from the water, seizing the wildebeest in their powerful jaws and dragging them underwater. The wildebeest fight for their lives, but are often outmatched in strength by the crocodiles.

The scene is violent and chaotic, with crocodiles and wildebeest fighting in the water as the herd desperately tries to cross the river. Some wildebeest make it to the other shore, but others are not so lucky and become prey to crocodiles or drown.

Finally, the scene comes to a close, with the crocodiles devouring their prey while the herd of wildebeest watches from the other bank, grateful for having survived.

The Diorama is a powerful reminder of unforgiving nature and the constant fight for survival.

Approximate Measurements of the Base:

  • Scale 1:24 - 207 x 82 x 137 mm H
  • The Base is offered in a single piece, just like the species represented.