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Nothosaurus mirabilis

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Nothosaurus mirabilis
Nothosaurus mirabilis (`False Lizard') is a genus of Sauropterygia reptile from the Anisian and Ladinian Ages of the Middle Triassic, approximately 240–210 million years ago. Nothosaurus mirabilis could reach 3 meters in length while other species of its genus Like the Nothosaurus giganteus, it could measure up to 6 meters long.

These reptiles were predators and were perfectly adapted to aquatic life, with their webbed feet and streamlined body, they swam in the breakers and shallow coastal waters, but rested on the beaches and rocky caves of the coastal coastline.

They were the main hunters of fish and other marine animals on the shores of the Ocean and are the best-known member of the order of notosaurs. They were found in the oceans and seas of what is now Europe and Asia.

It is thought that they could have laid eggs in the sand like current turtles or they could have given birth to their babies in the sea.

The Pose of the Model represents a Nothosaurus specimen searching for prey on the coral bottoms.

Approximate measurements of the Nothosaurus:
  • Scale 1:35 - 110 mm
  • Scale 1:20 - 185 mm