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Paraceratherium, also known as Indricotherium, is an extinct genus of mammal belonging to the rhinoceros family. It lived during the Eocene period, approximately 34 to 23 million years ago.

Paraceratherium was one of the largest terrestrial mammals to have existed on Earth. It looked similar to a rhinoceros, but with enormous dimensions. It is estimated that it was around 7 meters tall at the shoulders and could reach a length of up to 8 meters, with an estimated weight of around 15 to 20 tons.

Its body was massive and robust, with long, strong legs. It had a long and flexible neck that allowed it to reach high vegetation to feed. Its forelimbs were longer than its hindlimbs, giving it a characteristic stooped stance.

Paraceratherium's head was large and elongated, with a long, narrow skull. It had a large mouth with specialized teeth for chewing fibrous plants. Its ears were small, and its eyes were located on the sides of its head, giving it a wide field of vision. Its skin was probably covered in hair, although it is not known exactly what it looked like. Paraceratherium is believed to have inhabited wooded habitats, feeding primarily on leaves and tree branches.

Approximate measurements of the Paraceratherium:

  • 1:72 scale - 125mm long
  • 1:35 scale - 255 mm long