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Largetooth sawfish

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Largetooth sawfish

Sawfish (Pristis pristis) is a type of cartilaginous fish that belongs to the Pristidae family. It is also known as the common sawfish, bignose sawfish, or simply sawfish. It is one of the largest cartilaginous fish in the world and can measure up to 7 meters long and weigh more than 500 kilos, although its average size is about 3 meters. Its body is long and flat, with a large fin located on the back of its head that gives it the appearance of a saw.

This fish feeds mainly on crustaceans, bony fish and mollusks, which it finds at the bottom of the ocean and at the mouth of rivers and lagoons. It is also known to be a migratory fish and can travel great distances along the coast and rivers.

Unfortunately, the performance of the sawfish in the Anthropocene has not been positive. Overfishing, habitat degradation, and water pollution have had a significant impact on populations of this species. It is critically endangered throughout much of its range, and its population is believed to have declined by more than 80% in recent decades.

Although some measures have been taken to protect the sawfish, such as a ban on commercial fishing in many places, human pressure remains a risk to its survival. It is important to take steps to protect this species and its natural habitat to ensure that sawfish populations can recover and thrive in the future.

The Pose of Model represents a specimen of Sawfish swimming through the bottom of the waters, in search of prey that serves as food.

Approximate measurements of the Sawfish:

  • Scale 1:24 - 124 x 47 x 25 mm H