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Polacanthus foxii is a genus of ankylosaur dinosaur that lived during the late Cretaceous period, approximately 130-110 million years ago.

Polacanthus had a large and robust body, which could measure up to 5 meters in length and weigh around 2 tons. It had a small head compared to its body, with a jaw that had small, sharp teeth. Its body was covered by bony plates and spines that protected it from predators.

Unlike other ankylosaurs, which had stiffer, heavier bone armor, Polacanthus had more flexible armor, which allowed it to move more easily. It also had long and robust legs, with large claws on the extremities that allowed it to walk and run with agility.

Polacanthus is believed to have been a herbivore, feeding mainly on low plants such as ferns and cycads. Fossil remains of Polacanthus have been found in Europe and North America, suggesting that it was a widely distributed dinosaur throughout the world during the late Cretaceous. Although not much is known about its behavior and lifestyle, it is believed that it was a solitary animal that lived in forested and swampy areas.

Approximate measurements of the Polacanthus

  • Scale - 1:35  - 125 mm