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Prestosuchus ("fast crocodile") is an extinct genus of archosaur belonging to the rauisuchian group, a lineage of archosaur reptiles that included some of the earliest close relatives of dinosaurs. They lived during the Triassic period, specifically in the Carnian and the Norian, approximately 230 to 220 million years ago. Here is an overview of Prestosuchus:

Physical appearance: Prestosuchus was a quadrupedal and carnivorous reptile. It had a long, stocky body with strong limbs and a tail that helped it balance as it walked or ran. Although it was quadrupedal, its limbs were elongated and it had a more upright build compared to modern crocodiles.

Size: Initially estimated to be around 5 meters (17 ft), but a specimen discovered in 2010 suggests that Prestosuchus reached a length of almost 7 meters (23 ft), making it one of the largest Triassic pseudosuchians along with Saurosuchus and Fasolasuchus.

Skull and Jaws: Its head was large compared to the rest of the body and was equipped with sharp, curved teeth, indicating that it was a predator specialized in hunting and tearing its prey.

Habitat and distribution: Prestosuchus inhabited areas close to bodies of water, such as lakes and rivers, although it is also possible that it may have roamed more terrestrial areas. Fossils of Prestosuchus have been found in South America, especially in Brazil, where they have been discovered in Triassic deposits.

Behavior: Prestosuchus is believed to have been an active predator hunting smaller prey. Given its size and anatomy, it may have been an agile and fast hunter, similar to a modern crocodile but with a more upright posture.

Extinction: Like many other Triassic animals, Prestosuchus became extinct at the end of this era, around 220 million years ago. The exact reasons for their extinction are not entirely clear, but it has been speculated that climatic events and ecosystem changes may have been contributing factors.

Approximate measurements of the Prestosuchus:

  • 1:35 scale - 166mm