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Protoceratops / Velociraptor

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Protoceratops / Velociraptor
In the arid landscape of the prehistoric desert, two Velociraptors stealthily stalk their prey, a solitary Protoceratops grazing carelessly near an oasis. The predators, with their bodies covered in feathers and their sharp claws in an attack position, move with millimeter precision, staying hidden among rocks and bushes so as not to alert their prey.

Suddenly, in a swift coordinated movement, the Velociraptors emerge from their hiding place and pounce on the Protoceratops with relentless ferocity. One of them lunges at the herbivore's side, while the other attacks from the rear, cutting off any escape route with its deadly claws.

The Protoceratops, surprised by the sudden attack, tries to defend itself with its horns and claws, but is outnumbered and outnumbered by the predators. The Velociraptors, with their fast and precise movements, manage to dodge the Protoceratops' blows and quickly find vulnerable spots in its natural armor.

With a series of precise bites and deep cuts from their claws, the Velociraptors manage to knock down the Protoceratops, which fights in vain for its life. Within minutes, the scene descends into a frenzy of violence, with the predators voraciously devouring their prey, ensuring their survival in a brutal and ruthless world.

Approximate measurements of the Protoceratops:
  • Complete 1:20 Scale
    • Length 85mm
    • Height 58mm
    • Snout-tail length 115 mm
  • Complete 1:10 Scale
    • Length 170mm
    • Height 116mm
    • Muzzle-tail length 230 mm