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Protocetus atavus

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Protocetus atavus
Protocetus atavus is a species of primitive cetacean that belongs to the family Protocetidae, an ancestral branch of cetaceans that represents a transition between land mammals and modern cetaceans. This species lived during the Eocene, approximately 45 million years ago. Its name, Protocetus, reflects its position as an early ancestor of cetaceans.

Physically, Protocetus atavus shared both terrestrial and aquatic characteristics. Although it already had adaptations for aquatic life, it still retained traits of its terrestrial ancestors, such as well-developed limbs, adapted to function both on land and in water. The forelimbs of Protocetus atavus were especially notable, with elongated bones suggesting a flipper function, but still flexible enough to support the animal's weight on land.

Its skull showed adaptations towards a more hydrodynamic shape, with an elongated snout and specialized teeth for capturing aquatic prey. The dentition of Protocetus atavus included both pointed teeth for holding onto prey and molars adapted to crushing food.

In terms of size, Protocetus atavus was of moderate size, at approximately 2.5 meters in length. Its main habitat was aquatic environments, where it probably hunted fish and other marine organisms.

Approximate measurements of the Protocetus:
  • Scale 1:35
    • Length 75mm
    • Height 30mm
    • Snout-tail length 80 mm
  • Scale 1:20
    • Length 132mm
    • Height 54mm
    • Snout-tail length 140 mm