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Spotted eagle ray

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Spotted eagle ray

The spotted eagle ray, also scientifically known as Aetobatus narinari, is a species of ray that belongs to the rajiformes family. It is characterized by its distinctive diamond-shaped shape, large size, and unique coloration.

The spotted eagle ray has a flat, broad body, with a mouth on the underside of its head and two wing-like pectoral fins that allow it to swim gracefully and fluidly in the water. It can reach impressive sizes, with a fin span that can exceed 2 meters and a weight that can reach 200 kilograms.

The most striking thing about this species is its color pattern. The back of the spotted eagle ray is dark brown or gray in color, while the underside of the body is a shade of white. Along its back and on its pectoral fins, it has a series of light and dark spots that give it a mottled appearance, hence its common name.

In addition to its distinctive appearance, the spotted eagle ray has a long, thin tail with a pair of venomous spines at the base, although it is not usually aggressive towards humans unless threatened or provoked.

This species is found mainly in tropical and subtropical waters, both in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It prefers to inhabit shallow coastal areas, such as bays, lagoons, and coral reefs. It feeds mainly on small fish and mollusks found on the seabed.

Approximate measurements of the Stripe:

  • Scale 1:32 - 160 mm long