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Saurophaganax maximus

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Saurophaganax maximus

Saurophaganax  (Saurophaganax maximus) is a genus of theropod dinosaur that lived during the late Jurassic period, approximately 155 million years ago.

Saurophaganax is known to be one of the largest theropods that ever lived. It is estimated that it reached a length of around 12 to 13 meters and a weight of around 2 to 3 tons. It had a large, robust skull, with sharp, serrated teeth, adapted for tearing through the flesh of its prey.

Although Saurophaganax is similar in appearance to another famous predatory dinosaur, Allosaurus, it is considered a separate species. However, some scientists believe that Saurophaganax could be a species of Allosaurus, rather than a separate genus.

Saurophaganax fossils have been found in North America, specifically in the states of Colorado, Oklahoma, and Wyoming. These fossils include skull bones, jaws, vertebrae, limbs, and fragments of other bones. From these fossil remains, paleontologists have reconstructed the appearance and behavior of this powerful predator.

Saurophaganax is believed to have been an active carnivore that hunted large herbivorous dinosaurs, such as sauropods. Its speed and agility, combined with its size and strength, made it a formidable predator in its ecosystem. It is speculated that it may have hunted in groups, taking advantage of its size to bring down large prey.

Approximate measurements of the Saurophaganax:

  • Complete 1:72 scale.
    • Length 170mm
    • Height 60mm
    • Length from snout to tail 177 mm
  • Scale 1:57 Assembly kit 2 pieces
    • Longitud 212 mm
    • Altura 75 mm
    • Longitud hocico-cola 219 mm
  • Scale 1:35 -Assembly kit 2 pieces
    • Length 345mm
    • Height 120mm
    • Length from snout to tail 358 mm
  • Scale 1:20 - Assembly kit 4 pieces
    • Length 553mm
    • Height 192mm
    • Length from snout to tail 575 mm